Mista Murda Mitten

Get Wit Tha Mitt

About Me

My name is Shea Smolinski but my stage name is Mista Murda Mitten.  I was born and raised in West Branch, Mi.   I started freestyle rapping when I was just 11. When I was 14 I started writing my own lyrics to no instrumentals. By the time I was 16, I found instrumentals online and started making lyrics for them. At 18, I dropped my first track on my home studio. It was a rap about Pacman. I was going to do video game raps but decided to go serious in it. The next track I dropped was a bout my home town West Branch, Michigan. When I was 21 I put out my first music video "High Rollin Big Ballin". The rappers who influenced me was Lil Wyte and Eminem. They showed me that it doesn't matter who u r or where ur from, anyone can follow their dreams. I am a high school graduate and also have an associates in theatre arts. If u like what u hear please Get Wit Tha Mitt!